In 2012, Jesse Glendinning (lead vocals, ukulele) and Derek Campbell (acoustic guitar, saxophone) began performing together in their hometown of Jupiter, FL, calling themselves The Helmsmen (a name inspired by their old elementary school mascot).
The band’s current 5-piece lineup was completed in 2014 with members Jacob Constantakos (guitar), Micko Paparo (bass), and Samuel King (drums).
The Helmsmen’s sound is a unique blend of Indie, Island, Surf Rock, and Folk tones, which were first heard on their debut release, The Homework EP (released June 6, 2015). “Rollercoaster,” the band’s leading single off their second EP, “Midterm,” was released April 8 in conjunction with a music video filmed at the South Florida Fair. “Midterm” is scheduled to be released June 18, 2016.